Me and My MacBook

I love my MacBook but I spend all day every day that I go to work using the Dell PC laptop that my company provides me. It seems ironic to me that I have to endure the frustrations inherent in using Windows XP when I know there is a better way. I know that there are people that love Windows. My good friend, Jim is one of them. I just have a different opinion. I’m not a fanatic, just a satisfied user. I like other Unix based operating systems almost as much as I do OS X. As time goes by and all the operating systems improve (we’ll ignore Vista as an anomoly), it is getting less important than it once was. I guess I feel about my computer the way car lovers feel about their cars.

There are lots of features of my computer that I haven’t had time to discover yet. I am a professional programmer but I barely know the basic components of the OS X programming libraries. I also want to learn Objective C, one of the core programming languages on the Mac. The Ruby scripting language is another topic I’d like to explore more deeply but I rarely have time to play with it. From the little that I’ve been able to use the development tools on the Mac I’m convinced that they are far superior to any other tools that I’ve used on other platforms.

Another thing that I want to use my computer for more often is to write. I have several ideas for screenplays. I like to blog, as you can tell if you are reading this. I also think I have a novel and maybe a few textbooks that I want to write. I just installed Dave Winer‘s OPML editor on my MacBook and I’m using its WordPress tool to write this blog post. I’m trying to exercise some discipline and write something every day. I’m hoping that the OPML editor will help with this.