What is Blogging Anyway?

Dave Winer wrote a piece about a lesson that he learned from listening to his users. In it, he talked about how he saw his product, Fargo as an outliner and Mathew Ingram wrote an article calling it a blogging tool. I think what we have here is a case of two different concepts of […]

Anthropomorphic or Not?

We anthropomorphize our pets a lot but I’ve got to say that they have taken on a lot of our human characteristics by hanging out with us. I’m not saying that they haven’t retained their underlying animal nature. A dog is going to roll in stuff that smells bad. A cat is going to pounce […]

True Confessions

I haven’t kept my commitment to post to Occasional Comment every day. It is difficult to work all day, do any errands that need doing, come home, eat dinner and relax for a few minutes, exercise, and post a blog post every day. I am not making excuses though, just listing some of the challenges […]

Some Thoughts on Blogging

Thinking is hard, especially when you don’t have a purpose in mind. You can’t think about generalities. At some level you have to ground the abstractions that you are thinking about in concrete realities. Before you can come up with profound abstractions, you first have to examine several specific examples that you extract the generalities […]

Odds and Ends

I’ve done a bunch of maintenance on my system and my social software profile today. I also encountered the data loss issue that has been reported on the Fargo mailing list. Dave recommends reading the tips in the Fargo documentation. I will do that when I get a chance. Update: I didn’t lose any data. […]

A New Writing Process

I wrote a blog post last summer about discovering a process for writing that worked for me. It was lengthy and a little bit rambling but the essence of it is reproduced here. “I think I have discovered an artistic process that works for me. I sketch my writing with an outliner. Then, I sit […]

Experiences with Fargo on a First Generation iPad

I tried to use Fargo on my first generation iPad today. I had mixed success. There were some extenuating circumstances but I intend to try again using my wife’s third generation iPad. The first thing I noticed was that I could read existing outlines fairly easily. The iPad was a little bit finicky recognizing double […]

Random Jottings

I need to start an outline of ideas to blog about. Then I won’t be stuck trying to think of an appropriate topic when I sit down to blog. My experience has been, that when I have such a list of topics, I often don’t have to refer to it to find something to blog […]

A Day Without Fargo

I survived. I got quite a bit accomplished. I also found a bunch of times that I wanted to jot something down and I had to use some other tool besides Fargo. I guess that’s when you realize that you really have embraced a tool, when you miss it when you don’t have access to […]

Here’s Another Post

I like the way that the New Post organizes posts in the reverse chronological order that they should be organized in. The more I use this tool, the more I like it. It allows me to keep a draft post in the outline and work on it until it’s ready to post and then publish […]