I am a little upset by all the negative press that the nay sayers have been giving the iPad. I haven’t even gotten my iPad yet (I waited for a 3G model) and already I’m being told that it is only a toy. It is not as good as a netbook and much more expensive. I’ll give it to Sign543, he has managed to review the iPad withoug dampening my enthusiasm with his comments, not that they were all positive.

I must say, this feels like when I was a teenager and all my guitar playing friends were getting electric guitars and I was given a classical guitar with a ceramic pickup in it. By the time I actually got a real electric guitar, some of my enthusiasm had been dampened. I ended up being enthusiastic about the guitar anyway because it was so cool. But some of the social coolness of it was squashed by poor timing. I suppose much the same thing will be true with the iPad. After all, many of my friends on the Mac discussion list at work have decided to wait for the 3G version as well.

I have been very busy lately so I haven’t spent as much time studying up on iPad/iPhone development as I was for a while there. I will get back into it but I’ve got so many other responsibilities making demands on my time that it is frustrating. I did find a great resource on iTunes University. It is the complete video lectures from the Stanford University class CS193P on iPhone development.