Aesthetics and the Age of BMIs

I’ve written about Artificial Intelligence a lot in this venue. I have presented the potential danger that unconstrained amoral emergent artificial intelligence may pose. I have mentioned the alternative of building Brain Machine Interfaces (BMI) that allow us to merge with machines, hopefully before they achieve emergent AI on their own. Another concern has crossed […]

AI is Coming

What is intelligence? Does anyone really know? We feel like we can recognize intelligence when we see it but do we know how it works? And beyond that, does it always work the same way? Is it solely an attribute of the human mind or are there other sources of intelligence? We judge intelligence by […]

One More Time…

Hold on, this is going to be another mind bender. A number of people have proposed that the world we live in is just a high resolution computer simulation. The argument sometimes goes, any civilization just slightly more advanced than we are now would be capable of creating such a simulation. Then follows a bunch […]

A Short Essay on the Process of Programming

I approach programming as an exploratory process. I can’t seem to bring myself to sit down and plan a program out in minute detail beforehand. The truth is, any program that I understand well enough to plan out in minute detail beforehand, doesn’t interest me in the slightest. I want my programs to teach me […]