Long Overdue Blog Entry

I’m back. I have been off expanding my horizons with techniques gleaned from Julia Cameron’s excellent book, The Artist’s Way, among others. I found out about the book when I stumbled across an interesting website, http://750words.com/. It turns out that three pages of handwritten text comes out to seven hundred and fifty words. The web site keeps track of how many words you write, as you write them and rewards you with cute graphic badges when you meet various milestones. I started out writing to earn the badges and discovered that writing every morning helped clear my mind and improved my productivity all day long.

I also got my iPad on April 30th. I have spent the last month integrating it into my daily life. It has changed many aspects of my life so far and I expect it to continue to change it. I am discovering so many ways to use it. I am composing this post on it using an application called Captain’s Blog. It is a whimsical mock-up of the Star Trek the Next Generation computer interface. I have found a number of apps that allow me to draw diagrams, take notes, play games, make music, read ebooks, and much more. I don’t know how I managed without it. It, along with the announcement of the iPhone 4, has convinced me to leave Verizon for AT&T in spite of their coverage problems and poor customer service reputation.