Story and Memory

It has been established that people’s memories of events are inherently unreliable. You may have experienced a family member that insists on telling the same story every time the family gets together. Only they never tell it the same way twice. They aren’t lying, at least most of the time. They are telling the story […]

They’re Everywhere

Back in the early nineties a guy named Mark Weiser lead the computer science laboratory at Xerox PARC (Palo Alto Research Center). He was a proponent of what he called ubiquitous computing which is to say computers everywhere. Now, some twenty five years later we have cell phones and smart watches and the Internet of […]

Trade Offs

Computing is all about trade offs. The fundamental trade off is always processing time vs. memory space. You almost always have the choice of computing things at run time or precomputing a table of expected results at compile time and looking the answer up when you need it. There are exceptions, of course. You can’t […]

Why I Need a Server

I found myself asking myself this question, “Why do I need a Server?” It was patently obvious to me that I did need a server, I just never thought about listing the reasons that I felt that way. So today I’m going to try to make explicit the reasons. First, it is a good idea […]

Writing, Music, and Programming

What do these things have in common, writing, playing music, and programming? A lot as it turns out. They all three require years of practice to master. The only way to master them is to actually do them. They are all easy to do poorly but hard to do well. They require the ability to […]

Rockin in the USA

What is it about rock music that affects so many people so profoundly? Is it the sheer sonic power of the electrified instruments? Is it the gut wrenching vocals? Or the magic carpet of bass that suspends you between the heavens and the earth? Is it the way the greats steal the best from the […]

Categories of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence has always been a paradoxical field of study. In the first place it is and always has been ill defined. What exactly is Intelligence? How is Artificial Intelligence substantially different from Natural Intelligence? Okay, setting that issue aside and going with a widely accepted pragmatic definition of Artificial Intelligence as being software that […]

Spend Your Attention However You Want

A decade or more ago I read an article asserting that the future of the internet was the attention economy. It asserted that various sites on the internet would vie for your attention, not only with their advertising but also with their content. In fact, one of the measures of attention was how long you […]

It’s Turtles, All the Way Down

There are ideas that are too big to get your mind around. Georg Cantor was a mathematician that was born in 1845 and died in 1918. He was known as the father of modern set theory. He was the first to discover that there are different sizes of infinite set. It was so disturbing to […]