Belá Fleck and Abigail Washburn in Concert

Tonight we are going to see a Belá Fleck and Abigail Washburn concert. We don’t get out very often but when I found out the Belá Fleck was playing Huntsville, I made plans immediately. I’ve been a fan for years. I decided to check out his biography. I discovered that he had won Grammys in […]

A Little Organization Goes a Long Way

In recent years I have noticed that I have started getting more done both at home and at work. It occurs to me that it might be useful, both to me and to other people, to describe the practices that I have adopted that have contributed to my increased productivity. Other people might find some […]

Progressive Web Apps

It is the nature of programming languages that they provide mechanisms for implementing behavior that was never imagined by the creator of the language. As programmers apply the language to various problem domains they imagine new and innovative ways to use it. Sometimes these new ideas inspire language designers to add features to the language […]

A Late Christmas Present

I bought a new gadget today. It is a guitar amplifier that fits our current living situation better than my other one. They are both Fender amplifiers but the new one is smaller and has a headphone jack. It also has a USB connection to allow loading custom presets from an application running on my […]

Who the $#%& Am I?

People used to derive a sense of identity from the place that they were born and raised. They identified with the church that they attended and the schools that they attended. They were defined by their profession and their friends, how much money they made, what kind of car they drove, what neighborhood they lived […]

Always A Different River

The way of the artist is to process their experience through their art. This presumes that they have practiced the craft that forms the substrate of their art to the degree where they are able to express themselves through the filter of their emotions. I have mastered guitar to the extent that I can play […]

8 Bit Fantasies

I watched a video interview with the Oliver twins. They are video game legends from England. They started developing video games as teenagers in 1983. They went on to start their own game studio. In the interview, they talked about the process of developing games. They observed that the constraints of creating games for eight […]

The Evolution of a Universal Application Platform

In recent years the web has evolved from being strictly a method for publishing hyperlinked documents to a full blown platform for implementing general purpose applications. This fundamentally changes both the character of the web and the process of developing software, especially so-called web apps. The old development processes still apply to the languages and […]

Some Musings on Intelligence, Artificial and Otherwise

Computers have long held a promise of transcending their simple fundamentals and synthesizing mental powers to match or exceed man’s own intellectual capabilities. This is the dream of emergent artificial intelligence. The term artificial intelligence has always been controversial, primarily because there is no good objective definition of intelligence. Consequently, if we can’t even define […]