A Joyous Day

Thursday Pam and I bought new iPads. I worked all afternoon getting them set up and now I am using mine to write a blog post with Fargo. It is nine o’clock and I have to go to work in the morning. I still need to exercise. That is going to cut this session short. I will come back and see if it is worth posting sometime later. In the mean time, I am going to see if I can use my iPad to watch Netflix at the gym.

I got Netflix installed and found the password and went to the gym and exercised. The new iPad looked and sounded great. I took it to work the next day. It was exciting to have access to my personal stuff all day. I still need to get the ssh tunnel set up through the firewall again. The new iPhones arrived a little after seven thirty. I tried to sit and watch TV with Pam but I was so tired that I went to Bed at eight twenty four.

Today, we went to the Grand Opening of the new wing of Lowe Mill. It was a lot of fun but Pam over did it and ended up being exhausted by the time we got her to leave. We went to Rosie’s for an early dinner. Then we came home.

After we got everything arranged from the shopping trip I sat down to activate the new iPhones. I got them both backed up and got Pam’s setup. Then I started getting mine setup. It is still working as I write this. I am very excited.

I’m going to go ahead and publish this. If I don’t, I probably will let it sit for a couple of more days. It has been several joyous days in a row. I’m a very lucky man.