Following My Dream

Some people have the courage to pursue their dreams relentlessly. Others spend much of their lives in more mundane ways. When you get to an age where you start to see people, not so much older than you, starting to retire, move into assisted living, and eventually pass away, you start to question whether you were right to take the safe route or whether you passed up an opportunity for greatness.

Then, there are people like me, that when faced with these questions, take it as inspiration to revive their dreams and start working on manifesting them. I have been working on refining my skills as a writer. I am far from mastering them but each short story or draft of a novel that I write advances my skill another little bit.

I have managed to write a minimum of seven hundred and fifty words almost every day for the last nine years. Some days I write boring rambles describing how many words I have written and how many more that I intend to write before I am done for the day. I often write a running narrative of the boring things that are going on around me.

Sometimes, I have managed to write and publish blog posts on this site. A few of them have had something interesting to say. I try to respect my readers’ time by not publishing pointless rambles here. I appreciate their attention and would welcome their comments. Unfortunately, many of the people that register on my site are obviously just looking for a platform to hawk their wares rather than engaging in honest dialog.

Eventually, I will manage to write here consistently enough to attract a regular readership that engages in discussion. In the mean time, I will try to post articles worth reading here. This will help me improve my writing and give me a standard to hold myself to.