A Long Time Between Posts

A lot has happened here since I wrote the last post. Shortly after my last post, my iMac died. I have been borrowing Pam’s laptop for almost a year now. I am still happy with my iPhone and my iPad, they just don’t replace a computer entirely (yet). Maybe at some point they will. I’m not going to hold my breath though.

I have added a little ASUS Transformer T-100 to the menagerie. It runs Windows (*shudder*). I call it my radio since I bought it primarily to run Ham radio software. I named it Elmer as that is what Hams call a Ham that helps new Hams find their way around the hobby.

Hams seem to prefer PCs to Macs. I finally gave up on trying to swim upstream. I have found one or two hams that agree with me. They use PCs for their shack and the Mac for everything else. I have also noticed a preference for Android over iOS among Hams. I have nothing against Android. I just like the way that my iPhone and my iPad and my Mac all integrate so well with one another. I also have a considerable investment in iTunes products (apps, music, video,etc.)

Enough for today. I am going to attempt to make blogging a daily habit. We’ll wee how long I last this time. Until next time, enjoy life.