Writing Compared with Composing Music

Music proceeds from the beginning through the middle and finishes at the end. There are various patterns that have been developed over the ages and musicians learn them as they learn how to play their instrument. In classical instruction, the musician learns to play music that is written out in manuscript form. In some, more […]

Bright, Shiny Tools for Writing

Sometimes the tools that you use shape the kinds of things that you create. If you work with a hammer, you will build things that need hammering. If you have a saw, you will build things by shaping them with your saw. I am much more conversant with the tools of the writers trade than […]

Optimistic Cosmic Rant

I have become more and more concerned about a systemic disregard for objective, repeatable facts. It is often accompanied by bullying tactics where those reporting observations not in the interest of those parties controlling vast quantities of wealth and political power (but I repeat myself) are ridiculed, coerced, persecuted, prosecuted, and even mysteriously become victims […]

Comparing Baking with Writing

Following instructions is not my strongest suit. Watching the comic relief bake off by comedians. Apparently comedians have trouble following instructions too. It was fun watching them attempt something so obviously outside their area of expertise. It was also touching to see their reaction when their entries were well received. I know how that feels. […]

Library Time

The library is no longer the bastion of quiet that it once was. That is not all bad. It is good that people are interested in reading books and talking to people about them. It is good that parents are bringing their children to the library. It is good that librarians are losing their reputations […]

The Absolutely Shortest Blog Post, Ever

If I’m going to get a blog post written and posted today, I’m going to have to do it now. I have twenty minutes left in the day. I have been thinking about what to write about and nothing is coming to mind. I’ve written about the panic of this situation. I’ve written about the […]

Courting the Muse

Artistic expression is a spiritual activity. First their is the quiet waiting for inspiration from your muse. Then the careful nurturing of the thread of truth that emerges from your silent anticipation. The reverently teasing the truth from the light that illuminates the vision. The vision, in turn, elevating the spirit to a fevered pitch of ecstasy. […]

Welcome My Friends

The fog was so dense it was like a cloud had descended to obscure the world. Everything was reduced to wisps of light and dark and the ubiquitous fog between. The drip, drip, drip of condensation from the tips of tree branches kept the cobblestone paths slick. Occasionally the glow of a neon sign would […]

The Lady or the Beast

I sat at the bar nursing my bitters and listening to the fiddler set his fiddle on fire with the speed of his fingers and the heat of his bow. I had been sitting there all evening walking the thin line between mildly buzzed and full blown pissed. I had been watching a young lady […]