Data Science Breeding Ground for GAI

We are drowning in data. All kinds of data, video streams, sensor data, weather satellite data, you name it. Much of this data is available on the internet. But knowing how to fetch this data is hardly useful unless you know how to process the data and tease new facts out of it. This is […]

Pleased or Displeased?

My mother used to tell us about a game that she played when she was a little girl. It went like this. The first person says, “Pleased or displeased?” The next person says whether or not they are pleased. If they say, “Displeased,” the first person inquires, “What will it take to please you?” The […]

I Heard It On The Internet, It Must Be True

The internet has changed the context in which we live our lives. We have practically instant access to any developments, political, social, literary, or artistic, as they occur. What’s more, the access is for the most part unfiltered. By that, I mean that there aren’t elite gate keepers that decide which items are of broad […]


It might be noon on the Sahara. It might be the heart of an Arctic blizzard. Whatever it is, it is daunting. I’m talking about the blank page that sits in front of me, taunting me to write something, anything. Insinuating that whatever I write will be pale and boring. I’ve heard that I’m not […]

Comments on Writing Tools

I write with a program called Scrivener. It is designed with writers in mind. It has a number of features that I am only beginning to explore. It does one thing extremely well. It lets me write with minimal distractions from my writing tool. I’d say that is my number one criteria for a good […]

The Art of Science

Science makes observations about objective, repeatable, measurable facts. Art deals with subjective perception of stimuli. Artistic perception can vary from time to time as the conditions under which the observation occurs change but also as the psychological state of the observer changes. Hence, if you are feeling excited you may perceive a song one way […]

Review: The Candyrat Record You Tube Channel

There is a channel on You Tube called Candyrat Records. It consists of promotional videos for the artists that record on their label. They are all excellent guitar players. In fact, that seems to be the one common attribute of all the artist on their label. They span the range from rock to folk, jazz […]

There is no Absolute Truth

Scientists today think they’ve got a pretty good handle on the way the universe works. I’m not so sure. I think there are a number of things that we have established about the way this particular corner of the universe works but by the very nature of science all we can do is take what […]

Ancient Alternatives

Modern people tend to underestimate the intellectual capabilities of ancient civilizations. They were operating with the same mental facilities that we have. The primary handicap that is presumed that they were plagued by was the ability to pass knowledge from person to person and generation to generation via some form of writing. I think it […]

Social Impacts of Exponential Technological Growth

I was ordering dinner tonight. The restaurant was offering a discount and had sent a numeric code to my phone to validate the offer. It struck me how dependent we have become on our smart phones. I use mine for everything from controlling various devices via Bluetooth to looking up facts on the internet. It […]