New Year’s Eve

First an apology. To whom, I’m not sure. I turned off commenting on all the posts on this blog. I got tired of moderating spam comments. And, the fact of the matter is, I have never gotten anything but spam comments. So, I guess I’m apologizing to the non-existent group of non-spam commenters to this blog. That’s a weird concept.

Anyway, it’s New Year’s Eve today. I’m almost over the virus that has consumed the majority of the winter break. I have gotten next to nothing I planned to do over break done. I’ve spent the time with folks I love, feeling pretty bad. But I am hereby putting this behind me and leaving it in 2006!

Some of the neat things that happened this week:

  • Pam won me a BOEbot for approximately half price on ebay!
  • We found a Javelin Stamp Starter Kit on ebay. We’re still waiting to see if it will go for a price I can afford.
  • I got Kurt his Christmas present from me and Pam, a cell phone. He and Erin can stay in touch easier now.
  • I figured out which video camera I was going to buy in a couple of weeks. The Canon Elura 100 Digital Camcorder.
  • I figured out which digital camera I’m going to get for Erin (about the same time). The Nikon Coolpix S10.
  • I found a copy of Roger Zelazny’s The Great Book of Amber: The Complete Amber Chronicles, 1-10 (Chronicles of Amber) which allows me to read the second half of the story! Great story by the way.
  • I subscribed to a bunch more channels on YouTube (65 at the time I write this).
  • I finally relaxed (2 days before I have to go back to the tension inducing grind but at least I did relax).

Enough for now. Happy New Year everybody!

Christmas eve post

My digital camera is broken. I thought at first that I just had a bad CF memory card but I just bought two more (they were only $20 a piece) and I’m still having the same problem. It is so frustrating. I use my camera a good bit. It is one of my creative outlets. It is also the way I was making videos to post on YouTube.

We’re going to my in-laws for Christmas Eve dinner. We usually open presents on Christmas Eve with my in-laws but my sister-in-law has decreed that Christmas will be at her house tomorrow (oh, and did I mention, we’re not invited). Oh well.

We are putting off our big Christmas presents until January to try to ease the burden on the December budget. It also gives us a chance to take advantage of the post-Christmas sales. I’m still looking for Erin’s camera. The one I found sold out. Throw me into that briar patch (I love to shop for camera equipment).

Enough trivia for now.

Merry Christmas!

One Post, Glory!

Before the end of the year. I have been so busy the past several months that my blog has been neglected. Hell, all of my blogs have been neglected but this is the one I try to neglect the least :-). What stands out in my mind about 2006? Here’s my Top 5.

  1. YouTube – beats tv hands down for meaningful entertainment. Check me out.
  2. Rent – the musical that captured my heart (read the Wikipedia entry for more).
  3. taking back control of my life (but that’s fodder for half a dozen blog posts).
  4. Flickr – This was the year I went Pro.
  5. popurls – became the way that I aggregate my news online.

That’s probably not all, but it is the high points. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all. I may post again this year but maybe not. We’ll just have to see.

Procrastinate, Procrastinate, Procrastinate!

It seems that I mostly write blog posts when I’m avoiding doing something else. Dave Allen, the Getting Things Done guy says that procrastination is okay as long as you have a good list of other worth while things you need to do while you’re procrastinating. I don’t know if blogging counts as worth while. It does hone my writing skills.

I think sometimes my procrastination is not due to dreading doing something but rather a subconscious recognition that I’m not through thinking about whatever it is I’m procrastinating about. This sometimes makes meeting deadlines difficult.