My New Taylor GSmini Koa-e Guitar

My New Guitar
My New Guitar

Pam bought me this Taylor guitar for an early Christmas present. It is made of rare Hawaiian Koa wood. It sounds and plays like a dream. Not to mention how beautiful it is. The size is perfect for an apartment. I can comfortably sit on the couch and play it without taking up more than a single seat worth of space.

It has a strong, bright tone. The strings are right above the fret board making it very easy to play. The intonation is perfectly in tune everywhere on the neck. I have never owned such a finely crafted guitar. It may be small but it is loud and if I need it to be louder, or I want to record with it, it has a built in pickup and volume and tone controls.

The Koa wood is endemic to Hawaii. It grows at altitudes between 330 and 7500 feet and requires between 33 and 197 inches of annual rainfall. It is a tone wood which is to say it is known for the musical tone it imbues instruments made from it.

I suppose I sound a little bit like a fanatic about it but until you’ve heard it played, it’s hard to describe how it sounds. I love my new guitar and my sweet wife who bought it for me.