Star Crawl


Troubadour playing just for me
A song that only I can hear
Standing on his principles
Weaving threads of light and dark
Among the chaotic layers at his command

The satin starship glides across
The far flung stars where once a race
Of mighty giants ruled the sky
Complacent in their authority
Blind to their imminent demise

The old ones laugh at such as these
Without a speck of mercy shown
They watch them as they sow
The seeds of their apocalypse
And no one mourns them when they're gone

Oh sing a song of brave deeds done
And women wooed and battles won
But never for a moment doubt
That soon the barman will announce
Closing time is finally here

The stars will fade
The dawn will break
And you will face
The calling of another day
The righting of another wrong
And all the righteousness aside
It will never come to ought

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.

On Being Analog in a Digital World

On Being Analog in a Digital World

I used to call you on a big, black plastic phone,
The heavy receiver caressing my face.
We’d talk a while and then slowly lapse into silence.
Listening to each other breath,
And the background noise from the other end of the line,
And I felt closer to you.

Now when I call,
A tiny, electronic beetle dangles from my ear
And whispers to me with your voice.
When we lapse into silence,
It’s the silence of absolute zero
And I feel the digital distance between us.

Copyright 2008, Kellie Miller