I Love My Coffee, I Love My Coffee Supplier

Several years ago I got the Senseo bug. I’ll admit, it was originally largely due to Adam Curry’s Daily Source Code podcast. But it made me realize that when you make a pot of coffee at home, either you have to drink several cups in quick succession or most of them are going to taste worse than the first cup. For the sake of this blog I’ll leave out a discussion on the relative merits of various coffees in the first place. I had already been through the exercise where I bought gourmet coffee, kept it in the freezer and ground the beans fresh right before I brewed it. I had also already been through the whole home espresso machine thing. But I digress.

The Senseo brews a single cup of coffee from a filter pod containing just enough grounds for that one cup. I was immediately enamored of the idea of every cup tasting as good as the first. My wife and I both immediately became fans of the Senseo. Being the frugal person that she is, Pam started shopping around online for alternate sources of pods. She soon discovered BetterPods (subsequently renamed to BetterCoffee) and we have been ordering from them ever since. We subsequently went through several Senseo machines and finally moved up to a Bunn pod coffee maker. When the Bunn stopped working, BetterCoffee worked with us to get a replacement for it.

Today, the replacement Bunn exploded. BetterCoffee told us that they had received several reports of this happening to other customers and immediately sent us out a replacement, overnight. It doesn’t get much better than that.

In the interest of full disclosure, I have NO interest in BetterCoffee other than as a very satisfied customer. Sometimes you just have to make sure that a good deed gets a little recognition. Thanks, BetterCoffee!

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