How has the world changed in the past ten years?

  • Cell phones have become ubiquitous.
  • Everyone is on the internet.
  • Broadcast TV has shifted from analog to digital.
  • High speed access to the internet is available everywhere.
  • Many people think of the library as somewhere to go to use a computer.
  • Wikipedia has become a creditable research resource.
  • There are working prototypes of flying cars (horizontal fan style).
  • We survived the Y2K scare.
  • We survived a major terrorist attack.
  • We survived 8 years of the Bush administration.
  • The DVR has freed people to watch what they want when they want to watch it (without the commercials if they like).
  • Dynamic languages are making a strong comeback.
  • Hybrid gas-electric cars are a fairly large segment of the automobile market.
  • The space shuttle is near end of life, as is the International Space Station.
  • We have a black president.
  • We are experiencing climate change unprecedented in modern times.
  • I am a grandfather.

So much for the short list. I may revisit the question in a couple of days if I think of any important changes that I forgot.