A Red Letter Day

I finally got the information off of the hard drive that was in my iMac that died several years ago. I thought that it was gone but I have it back now, or most of it anyway. I suspect that there may be a few corrupted files on it but that is okay. I thought I had lost all of the information on it.

I will be making frequent backups of my data from here on out. The feeling of relief is incredible. I am going to be looking through it to see what all I recovered. The most important of the things that I recovered is the files that contain my father’s writing. I have lost so much of his legacy it is good that I didn’t lose them as well.

It makes me think again about my digital legacy. How am I going to make sure that what I write survives me after I’m gone. The short answer is that I can’t be absolutely certain but I can make arrangements. It really boils down to finding someone who survives you who cares enough to enforce your wishes.

I don’t even really know why it matters to me but it does. Perhaps it is the idea that having your ideas survive after you are gone is the only immortality you may ever have. In any case, I’m finishing the day happier than I started it.

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.