Vacation Man Vacates

As of the end of work this evening, I embark upon 9 consecutive days off from work. This is the longest vacation I have taken in the summer for a very long time. I am looking forward to it. I have several things that I plan to do.

First, I have got to finish writing the first draft of the short story that I am  submitting for inclusion in an anthology that my writers group is putting together. We are each writing a story inspired by a Grimm’s Fairy Tale. We have a word limit of five thousand words and I have written almost a thousand words so far.

Also we’re talking about taking a day trip to Nashville some time during this period. There are lots of interesting things to do in Nashville. We always have fun when we do that.

Another thing that is under discussion is going to the movie at the new movie theater in Madison. This might not sound like a very big deal but getting my wife to go out to a movie is a very rare occasion.

I also plan to spend some of the time playing music. I have recently met a musician that I would like to explore playing music with. He is very energetic and has inspired me to look into the possibility of playing music and teaching music.

I will of course be writing my blog every day. I am going to try to get a head start on writing some articles so that I can relieve some of the pressure to write and post a blog post every single day.

I plan to watch some shows on Netflix, Hulu, and Acorn. I have just discovered a series called The Doctor Blake Mysteries that takes place in Australia in the fifties.

I also have an idea for a program that I want to explore some. It might be something that I can sell. I’m investigating whether there exists an app that implements my ideas already. I’ve already taken a quick look. I didn’t find anything yet.

I also want to spend some time studying mathematics. I enjoy learning more about mathematics, especially when it comes to branches that are used in practical applications like physics and computer science.

I have been writing my blog with Scrivener, a program that I have that has lots of features to support writers of all kinds. I have been using it so that I can learn more about the numerous features that it provides. It also helps me organize work on multiple posts at the same time. Tonight though, I’m writing this blog post directly into the WordPress editor.

It may not be fancy but it certainly gets the job done. I am going to finish posting this and then I’m going to go spend some time with my wife. Let the relaxation begin!

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.