Rockin in the USA

What is it about rock music that affects so many people so profoundly? Is it the sheer sonic power of the electrified instruments? Is it the gut wrenching vocals? Or the magic carpet of bass that suspends you between the heavens and the earth? Is it the way the greats steal the best from the blues repertoire and make it their own?

We could speculate for hours and still not encapsulate the essence of rock. It is music that must be experienced live to truly appreciate its power. It has a rejuvenating property that keeps its practitioners young until they keel over dead.

Take for example Mick Jagger. At an age where most people are sitting back and resting on their laurels, he’s playing stadium tours and bouncing all over the stage like some kind of banty rooster.

Another rocker that keeps on going despite their years is David Crosby. He still has that cherubic voice and continues to blow us away with his ever evolving guitar work.

It leaves you to wonder what it is that keeps these people at the top of their game for so long. For one thing, it is a strenuous physical work out to play rock music. You have to stay in shape to be able to continue to play. Maybe it is more that the people that play rock are so devoted to it that they take better care of themselves. Or maybe it is just that the people that have survived for so long as rock musicians are the survivors.

Whatever, it is a phenomenon to be enjoyed at every opportunity. Music heals the soul. It lifts the spirit and fills our hearts with joy. It is the secret weapon of the oppressed and the indulgence of the privileged.

It moves us to dance. It moves us to sing along. It moves us to take action to make the world a better place. One thing’s for sure. It’s hard to sit still when a rockin song is playing.

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.