Pardon My Introspection

It is hard to think when you are tired. To a large degree that is because when you are tired and you close your eyes to think for a moment, you wake up after another moment and realize that you’ve just gone to sleep. It’s not that difficult if you have a topic in mind. The words just seem to flow from your finger tips and there is no need for the misadventure of pausing to think.

Alas, I have beaten the commentary on writing horse to absolute and utter death. I find myself repeating myself about the virtues of Lisp and other similar computer languages. I’ve written the draft of a science fiction story, one that petered out toward the end for lack of an ending. I’ve written a number of posts focused on something that I saw on TV or read somewhere that day.

The problem is, I can’t count on the inspirational article or TV show to supply a topic every day and I find it exhausting to sit and try to think of a topic off the top of my head when I have been up for sixteen hours or more. I say this not so much to complain as to attempt to get at the heart of my problem. I often write an essay to attempt to clarify my thinking on a particular subject so that is what I’m doing now.

Perhaps the ultimate solution is multi-forked. I need to think of a number of topics to write about and keep them handy for days when I can’t think of a topic. I need to start thinking about a topic earlier in the day before I get so tired when it gets close to bedtime. I would love to actually write my blog earlier in the day but that hasn’t worked out so far. There just isn’t enough time in the morning to get in all the various tasks that I’ve set for myself.

Perhaps I am being overly ambitious. Perhaps I need to drop one or two tasks from my daily list. I’ve thought about doing that on numerous occasions but I can’t decide which task to drop. I am beginning to get quicker at getting them all done as my Circadian rhythm shifts. I foresee another struggle on the horizon though when we change to daylight savings time again.

I’m not sure this really helped me find any concrete solutions. It did allow me to get the things that I have already given some thought to down on the page so that I can study them to see if I’ve overlooked any alternatives. But for tonight, I’m going to call it a night and head for bed. Tomorrow is another day.

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.