I Can’t Seem to Break the Monthly Barrier

I just noticed that in the last post I made here I was talking about trying to post weekly. It’s been over a month and a half and I haven’t posted once. I need to figure out a process to include blogging in my daily routine. That is how Dave Winer does it and he invented blogging. Not like Al Gore invented the internet. More like the way Edison invented the light bulb. There were other people doing things that approximated blogging when Dave invented it but he put all the pieces together, named it and championed it. Thanks, Dave.

I am enjoying my experience with writing my morning pages on 750 Words and I have noticed lately that the quality of my writing has improved. I guess practice improves anything. I write my morning words as a stream-of-consciousness type of activity. I don’t try to break them up into paragraphs and I don’t worry about staying on topic. I hope that blogging will help me develop those other skills.

I keep getting notices that people are creating accounts on my blog. Are any of these accounts people that are reading the blog or are they all people promoting something (spammers)? If you are a real person reading this and you have a minute, drop me a line at my gmail acount. It’s jkelliemiller. I’m assuming you can figure out the address. After all, you are a human being, not a spam bot.