Odds and Ends

I’ve done a bunch of maintenance on my system and my social software profile today. I also encountered the data loss issue that has been reported on the Fargo mailing list. Dave recommends reading the tips in the Fargo documentation. I will do that when I get a chance.

Update: I didn’t lose any data. I think it is just taking a long time to sync with Dropbox sometimes.

I discovered a library for serving backend data called deployd. I may use it to serve up my link database. It looks a lot lighter weight than MySql. I like the way that it helps you manage your application. I’m going to have to explore it in depth.

I also looked into Jekyll. It’s a blogging framework. I am happy with WordPress for the moment but I am still going to investigate Jekyll. It may be useful for other projects.

All in all, it wasn’t a very exciting Saturday. I am looking forward to the episode of Doctor Who that Neil Gaiman wrote. It premiers tonight on BBC America.