A Word or Two Before I Call It a Day

Today was a busy day. I was on my own and I got most of the things on my TODO list done. I am so tired I can barely think but I made a commitment to blog every day so I’m going to write something.

It has been a while since I so single-mindedly worked on a project like this. I organized the stuff that we have stashed in our spare bedroom so that I could vacuum the carpet and then shampoo it. When I finished that, I assembled two plant shelf units for my wife to use in her plant business. I also made lunch for myself and went to the store for dog food.

It doesn’t sound like I did much but it filled my day. I was planning to spend some time building a radio kit that has been riding around in my pocket for several weeks now. I don’t think I could keep my eyes open to read the instructions much less solder. At least you can’t burn yourself while writing a blog.