He’s Safe!

It’s late Friday night. Soon it will be early Saturday morning. The quiet in the house is deafening. The fan rattles, the air conditioner whirs. Everyone with any sense is in bed. You sit in front of the keyboard writing one false start after another. Only you don’t rip them from the typewriter and wad them up and throw them over your shoulder. Instead, you save them in a file and mark them as a draft. You may come back to them later and make something of them.

This is what it’s like to be a new writer that is pushing themselves to grow beyond their comfort zone. You keep telling yourself to make a list of potential blog topics but you still find yourself racing the deadline of midnight. You are determined to keep your pledge to write a blog a day.

What would be the consequences if you missed a day? Disappointment in yourself for not keeping your promise? Would you give up on the project all together? No, you’re made of sterner stuff than that. You would sit back down at that keyboard and write two blogs the next day to make up for the one that you missed the day before.

Let’s hope that this writer doesn’t have to find out what he would do. Let’s hope that he keeps sliding in under the wire. Let’s hope that these posts are interesting enough that he doesn’t lose all both of his readers to boredom. Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important, be kind.