The Perch of the Old One

“Have you heard the color of their life scent?” The old one sang on the branch above the place of bathing and mating. His head bobbed up and down to the rhythm of his song and no one dared answer him. No one except mother of the forest that is. Her voice was scratching as she croaked out the following observation.

“I know not what they seek here. I look into their hearts and see only cacophony. They are blind to their own scent. But they have disturbed the young prince in his search for his adult plumage. He has lashed out as if they had sought to block his quest. This must be made right.” Her tone was shrill but her pitch was perfect.

“They are unfledged. They have neither our wisdom nor our technology. How do we make it right when they don’t know they were wronged?” The old one sang his response. The second talon unfurled his wings. The old one turned his head to stare at his lieutenant. “Sing the color of your heart, old friend.”

“Perhaps we could bring one of them here. The mother of their nest could hear the color of the prince’s quest and sing the rightness of it.” The old warrior sang to his mentor.

“I must listen to the harmony of your advice dear one. Be patient with me.” With that he stopped singing and tucked his head under his wing. The second talon walked three times around the pool below and stopped beneath the old one. He tucked his head under his wing and waited.

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.