Why I Like Apple Computers

So, one of our new MacBook Pro laptops has been shipped. I expect the other one to ship any day now. This is ahead of the schedule that they promised. I am very excited. I haven’t had a mac of my own for two years. I think it is going to be an outstanding product and I will enjoy using it for many years.

There are many people that have criticized the latest model. They have maintained that reducing the number and types of peripheral connectors is a flaw instead of a feature. I disagree.

One of the primary reasons that I choose Apple hardware is that they have developed a well earned reputation for building high quality hardware and standing behind it. The hardware and operating system software have been made specifically for each other and consequently are tuned for optimal performance.

I am a computer professional. I write software for a living. I am also a writer. I want a computer that I can depend upon and one that works without a lot of attention to maintenance. In other words, I want my computer to be a dependable appliance. The Apple computer is engineered to allow me to do my work with minimal distractions.

Getting back to the number and type of connectors on the latest MacBook Pro, I see it as a bold engineering decision designed to increase the reliability and usability of the machine. It is a well known principle of engineering that if you can achieve your purpose using identical interfaces you build in redundancy such that if one interface fails, another can fill in for it. You also reduce the number of different kinds of cables that you have to keep around.

It will take the industry a while to catch up with Apple, but in this case I am certain that they have backed another winning technology with USB-C, the peripheral connector technology that provides both the power and all other connections to the new MacBook Pro.

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.