Puppy Dialog

I told you, I want some of the crunchy stuff with the gooey hot stuff on it. You put it in the box with the red light and it comes out crunchy and hot and good. Unless you leave it in the box too long. Then it comes out smelly, and black and uck. Why do you leave it in there that long? You just throw it away then.

You get the gooey stuff out of the big cold place. Only it’s not gooey then. It is soft and cold. It gets gooey and hot when you put it in the box with the red light. If I bark at you maybe you’ll do it right. Wait! Where are you going? You left the good stuff in the box with the red light. If you leave it there too long it will get black and uck.

Maybe if I bark at her she’ll come back and pay attention. She went in that little room with the round white place to sit. I think she pees in there. I pee on the pad. Unless I mess up. Then I pee whereever I am. But when I pee on the pad, I’m a good girl.

Come on, the stuff is going to be black by the time we get back to it. Here she comes. The stuff is still good. Hurry up, let’s get it and take it back to the den and eat it. You’re the best human. Except when you make the crunchy stuff black.

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.