Of New Toys and Fur Children

The first component of our new computing environment arrived today. We now have 8 Terabytes of storage for backing up our new computers. As for our MacBook Pros, they’re still being assembled “overseas” as the Apple help person put it. Our USB-C to female USB-A adapter cables arrived today as well. They will be useful when the computers arrive but right now, they are just sitting there in the package. Reminding me of the fact that the computers are still en route.

I wrote the second installment on my novel today. I’m starting to feel the rhythm. I got started earlier and made it to work on time. I will have my schedule down by next week when I have a nine thirty meeting to make four out of five days a week.

Tonight Pixie, our Maltipoo puppy, was begging for a bite of my orange. She thinks if I’m eating it, it must be good. I gave her a piece. She sucked the juice out of it and left the pulp. It wasn’t as interesting as she had hoped.

Every night at about nine o’clock, I take Belle, our adult Maltipoo, out for her evening walk. She knows when it’s nine o’clock and will come get me if I don’t call her first. Pixie is not allowed on the ground outside until she is six months old. Her six month birthday is November 9th. Every night when Belle and I get ready to go out, Pixie goes nuts. She wants to go too.

We tell her that she isn’t big enough to go outside yet. She protests that she IS a big girl. We keep  telling her that her birthday is coming and then she can go outside with daddy and Belle.

We have become those people that treat their dogs like children. They are our fur children. And they are a lot smarter than most people give them credit for.

I can’t talk about my fur children without mentioning our other fur child. His name is Cory and he is a gray and white American short hair. We tell Belle and Pixie that Cory is adopted but don’t tell him that. We fail to mention that they are adopted too.

Cory loves to come into the spare bedroom of the apartment where my computer is and sit in the window and look outside while I write in the morning. After a while he will come over and start getting into things to get my attention. On rare occasions he will jump up on the back of my chair and sit there while I write. I praise him a lot when he does that. I love it when a cat sits on the back of the chair while you write.

Well, that’s our menagerie. We love them all. They are good companions. Belle alerts Pam when she’s about to have an abdominal migraine. Pam registered Belle as an Emotional Support Animal. She is training her to pass the test to be a registered Service Animal. Belle is training Pixie to be her relief and eventually her replacement. We felt like it wasn’t fair to make Belle work her whole life so we are planning for her to retire in a couple of years. Sort of like some other people I know.

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.