All This For a New Phone

I’m in the midst of an adventure. That is what my mom called it anyway. Any time we were out trying to get something accomplished and ended up facing challenges like for instance car trouble, my mom would say, cheer up, we’re having an adventure.

Today I went to the Apple Store to get our new iPhones. I had done my research, I thought. I wanted to buy them on the new every year plan that Apple offers. I went to the Apple web site and read up on the process. They require that you have a credit card, not a debit card, in order to be eligible.

So, I went out and applied for a credit card and waited a week while it got approved and they mailed me my card. Then, I showed up at the local Apple Store. To be fair, the folks at the Apple Store were great. The process was a bit lengthy though.

First, they explained to me that they were financing the purchase through a separate financial institution and I would have to apply for that loan. They entered the information and got back the news that I was declined. When I asked why, they explained that they didn’t know. I would have to call the lender and ask them. And they wouldn’t be able to answer any questions until an hour after the application had been declined.

I put the phones on reserve and went to Barnes & Noble for a cup of coffee. I have my new MacBook with me so I can use the time to write this blog post. So, a royal hassle turns into an adventure. I am posting my first blog post written in a cafe.

I will buy the phones today in any case. I just wanted to buy them on the Apple new every year plan. If I have to buy them out of pocket, so be it. The Apple Store Associate explained to me that I could buy them on the credit card and then come back any time between now and January 9th and change the plan so long as I could get the loan approved by the third party lender.

Hope everyone has a good weekend and adventures more of your own choosing instead of the random kind that has been my lot today.

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.