Did I Mention It’s Cold Outside?

Well it’s cold as hell in Huntsville, Alabama and southerners don’t handle cold very well. Friday there was a prediction of between half an inch to an inch of snow and the whole city preemptively shut down. We got nothing more than a flurry here and a flurry there but the wind was biting. I used the time to pack up my office for my move to my new assignment at Marshall.

I ventured out today to pick up some lunch. Traffic was light. I expect most people were staying in and avoiding the cold. I enjoyed the drive after the heater warmed up. It’s been years since that has been a major issue as the temperatures have been so mild that just being in the car was sufficient to be comfortable.

I spent the bulk of the afternoon intending to write this blog post but instead being distracted by various web sites. In my defense, when I am having trouble coming up with a topic to write about I sometimes browse around until I read something that gets me started. Today that didn’t work.

What finally got me started was noticing my two dogs in their matching pajamas napping on the couch next to them. They usually make a big deal of escorting my wife to the bathroom but today they were content to just stay by me. It seems the floor was too cold.

Stay warm, be safe, and enjoy you weekend.

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.