Don’t Read This Post

They have done studies recently that concluded that sleep deprivation is as bad as, if not worse than, alcohol when it comes to impairment. Given that I got up at four thirty this morning and it is ten forty five as I write this post I guess I’m guilty of impaired blogging. I have been racking my brain trying to think of something to write about. I kept coming up with nothing. I felt the pressure of the midnight hour approaching. I started thinking about how tired I was.

That was when it hit me. I needed an Uber or a Lift for writers. We can’t very well have people writing blog posts when they are impaired now, can we? That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. So I’ll post this pitiful excuse for a blog post and call it a night. Tomorrow’s Saturday and I’ll get plenty of sleep and write a better post. Remember, friends don’t let friends blog when their sleep deprived. Oh, and don’t read this post.

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.