Optimistic Cosmic Rant

I have become more and more concerned about a systemic disregard for objective, repeatable facts. It is often accompanied by bullying tactics where those reporting observations not in the interest of those parties controlling vast quantities of wealth and political power (but I repeat myself) are ridiculed, coerced, persecuted, prosecuted, and even mysteriously become victims of tragic accidents or illnesses. It would be paranoid to contend that accidents and illness do not happen. It would be just as undiscerning to ignore a systematic pattern of such mishaps.

I am referring to a series of breakthroughs in non-oil based energy production that have been either promiscuously classified by the military-industrial complex or, even more sinisterly, systematically suppressed and erased from public access. All in the interests of the small percentage of people that hold the vast majority of the capital world wide.

I know that just voicing these opinions will label me as being some kind of crackpot along with the many others that these elements have attempted to discredit in the court of public opinion with varying degrees of success. Being a writer, I always have the excuse that I am trying out some fictional plot. I say with all soberness that I am doing no such thing.

I am a sceptic, particularly when it comes to claims of the paranormal. I brook no nonsense about magical powers. On the other hand I do accept the assertion of Arthur C. Clark that sufficiently advanced technology will seem as magic to sufficiently primitive observers. Star faring entities seem to me to qualify as sufficiently advanced over our puny, largely planet bound technology.

We think that we have mastered the majority of the processes of the physical world but you only have to look back to the late nineteenth century to find assertions that the patent office should be shut down since every significant invention had already been made.

I also feel that I should point out that all new developments in science started out as pseudoscience, attacked by those scientists with a vested interest in the status quo. I believe we are on the cusp of even more magnificent scientific developments but we must first deal with those who  wish to constrain us to a zero sum economy of scarcity when an economy of plenty is not only possible but imminent.

We will travel to the stars and beyond. We will learn the vast secrets of the universe that we haven’t begun to imagine. We will not be oppressed by bullies for much longer. We came from the stars, we are made up of the elements formed by vast cosmic processes when the universe was young. We will return to the stars.

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.