Library Time

The library is no longer the bastion of quiet that it once was. That is not all bad. It is good that people are interested in reading books and talking to people about them. It is good that parents are bringing their children to the library. It is good that librarians are losing their reputations as strict disciplinarians.

I suspect that there are still some places that are quiet in the library. I am sitting across from the main circulation desk on the floor with the Youth Services Desk and the children’s collection. It is typically quieter upstairs. In a way, I’m surprised at how much space they have and how many interesting activities they sponsor. I definitely need to come here more than just the two times a month that my writers group meets.

As much as I love the internet, it is encouraging to me that the internet hasn’t had the predicted effect of killing libraries. If anything, many libraries have embraced the network and integrated it into their services. There are plenty of other services they have to offer besides looking up facts, an activity that Google is admittedly far more adept at.

I am going to work on varying my topics more. I plan to find a time for working on my fiction other than the time that I have reserved for blogging. I also plan to spend time on topics other than artificial intelligence and programming languages. That will take some extra reading on my part but I never was one to complain about reading.

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.