A Better Plan

I have been doing some thinking about this blog. I have come up with some ideas of some categories that I know that I want to write about. The list is not meant to be exhaustive but rather to give me a little help when I’m sitting in front of the blank page trying to decide what to write about today.

The first category on the list is reviews. I have had some modest success reviewing things that I enjoy. Everything from books, movies, and TV shows, to products like software I find useful and gadgets that impress me with their ingenuity. I am going to try to write at least a couple of reviews a week.

Another category that I enjoy writing a lot is memoirs. I would write them on a more regular schedule but they depend upon my ever fickle memory. I will write them as often as I think of something worth relating.

I have a love of quirky, belly button dive philosophical musings. I’m not sure if anyone but me actually enjoys them. Unless otherwise prompted, I’ll try to restrict myself to no more than one philosophical ramble a week.

A category that I am excited about is tutorials. I like explaining things, particularly things having to do with computers. I have a good fundamental understanding of digital electronics and a forty year long career programming. I expect to write a number of tutorials and hope that some of them will prove useful.

I have been known to write an article that offers advice or self help. I don’t know that I have a lot to offer in this area but as ideas in this category occur to me, I may well incorporate them into a blog post.

I’m a fan of history, mathematics, and computers. This suggests all sorts of interesting combinations, history of mathematics, mathematic of computers, history of computers, as well as the individual topics themselves. These posts will typically require some research so I probably won’t be able to post them with any great frequency, perhaps once every week or two.

I am also a fan of new developments in science. That is certainly a worthy category for blog posts. My idea of science may be broader than some people’s. I try to maintain a healthy dose of skepticism but I also keep firmly in mind that everything we now accept as scientific fact was pseudoscience at one point and many things that were once accepted as scientific fact have now been determined to be misguided fallacy.

Finally, a word about the topic that has dominated this blog of late, blogs about writing and writing processes. I do not intend to quit writing them altogether but even I was beginning to feel that they were all too frequent. Like the philosophical musings I’ll try to put a limit of one blog about writing per week. If I have to write more, I’ll start another blog solely about writing.

If you have any suggestions for any more categories, please email me with them to jkelliemiller at gmail dot com. I will give them due consideration. There are some topics that I will find myself unqualified to tackle but I’ll read all suggestions.

Sweet dreams, don’t forget to tell the ones you love that you love them, and most important of all, be kind.