Talking to myself

I’m beginning to feel like I’m talking to myself. I’m not sure why. I’ve claimed this blog on Technorati and I ping them when I post. I haven’t checked the site stats to see how many hits I’m getting but there have been no comments since I started allowing them. If it turns out that the only comments that I get are spam, I’m going to be slightly disappointed. I’m writing this blog for practice writing but I wouldn’t mind if someone read it every now and then.

I remember when blogs were first gaining steam someone likened blogging to standing on the corner talking to the air. I just want to capture a small crowd of folks listening and commenting on what I’m saying. It’s lonely on the street by myself :-).

By the way, did anyone catch the reference to Dancing with Myself in the title of this post? I thought it was clever. I guess if I have to point it out, maybe it’s not so clever.