WordPress 5 Has a New Look

WordPress has released version five of their blogging software. It includes a web based editor that provides the blogger with easy, web based tools for creating an attractive blog complete with modern stylistic components. This is the first post that I’ve written using this new editor so I’m still finding my way around.

I came across this blog posts that gives five tips for novice writers. I was surprised to find that I had already figured out four of the five tips. The one that I need to concentrate on is the last one, keep the act of writing fun. I think the most important tip he gave was to write often and read obsessively. I have learned that the only way you master any skill is to practice them.

The critique group that I participate in, the Downtown Writers Group of the Huntsville/Madison County Public Library (HMCPL) main branch, has published the second volume of short stories. This volume is entitled Librarium and comprises stories that all loosely align with the them of libraries. Volume one, A Grimm Imagination: Reimaginings of the Brothers Grimm, and volume two are now also available for the Kindle ebook reader. Full disclosure: I am an author in both volumes but all proceeds go to the HMCPL.