Here’s Another Post

I like the way that the New Post organizes posts in the reverse chronological order that they should be organized in. The more I use this tool, the more I like it. It allows me to keep a draft post in the outline and work on it until it’s ready to post and then publish it at my discretion.

I just wish I could use Fargo from behind the firewall at work. I understand the concern of our security team about allowing open access to Dropbox. It is too easy for people to think that things that they save to their Dropbox is actually secure. That would be naive but I’m sure that there are those that believe that.

Because of Fargo, I just fixed an incorrect setting in my blog configuration. I had the timezone wrong. This is great. I will have to remember to go tag my blog posts every now and then but other than that, I like blogging this way.

I Discovered the New Post Button in Fargo

Since I am trying to blog more regularly, I am using Fargo more than I would imagine. I might write something major using it, who knows. For that matter, who knows what I mean by major. Anyway, I hovered over the + button and it popped up a label that said “New Post” so I pressed it. I’m not sure how it will be different from the posts that I have been making but I do know that it helped me to get started writing a blog post for today. That is good, no matter how well I like the New Post button. So, let’s give this a try and publish it.