True Confessions

I haven’t kept my commitment to post to Occasional Comment every day. It is difficult to work all day, do any errands that need doing, come home, eat dinner and relax for a few minutes, exercise, and post a blog post every day. I am not making excuses though, just listing some of the challenges that I haven’t managed to conquer yet.

I’m not giving up though. I will find time to blog more regularly. Determination and stubbornness are qualities that will insure my success. It’s not enough to post just to be posting. Posts should be worth reading. My blog should eventually reflect my personality.

Another obstacle to writing every day is the pressure of finding an interesting topic. A way to overcome that pressure is to create a list of potential topics to draw from. My experience with this approach has shown that if you have such a list, the pressure to come up with a topic is alleviated and you often think of topics that aren’t even on the list.