Random Jottings

I need to start an outline of ideas to blog about. Then I won’t be stuck trying to think of an appropriate topic when I sit down to blog. My experience has been, that when I have such a list of topics, I often don’t have to refer to it to find something to blog about. It must be the pressure of trying to come up with a topic that causes me to draw a blank.

Fargo has a new feature. It is call Community Feed and is the latest iteration of Dave’s Instant Outliner concept. I’m looking forward to participating in it. I had wondered if the lightning icon indicated any change to the outline or just your changes to the outline. It just came up without my posting anything so I suspect it indicates any new post.

I love this tool (Fargo). I wish I could use it more. I will certainly use it a lot at home. I may write some more later but I have other things that must be done right now.